tri-states irrigation

Tri-States Irrigation won the 2014 Bronze Award

Since the mid 1950’s Tri-State Irrigation has been doing irrigation and agri-business for 58 plus years. In 1977 we purchased our first center pivot irrigation system. We decided to go with a T-L irrigation systems simply because of their continuous and even water distribution. Most of all, we were sold on safety compared to the electric systems. To this very day we have no regrets of our first choice…T-L Irrigation. The longevity and durability of these systems have proven time after time to the integrity of their products and the company itself. First hand, T-L has proven all the above and more.

In 1987 T-L approached and asked us to be a dealer for them. And again, we decided that T-L Irrigation would be the right choice. From that day to the present we have been an authorized as a full service T-L dealer. Tri-State Irrigation provides maintenance and repair on T-L’s and any brand of pivot. This includes renozzling, erecting the pivot, gear boxes, motors and regasketing. In addition to these services we also offer pivot design, fabrication of above & below ground pipes for multiple pivot points as well as insurance services.

Other products and services that we offer include Riverscreen pumps, Berkely pumps, power units including Duetze air cooled engines, John Deere, International, Chevy 454 & 350’s as well as AgriTrac’s and RynoGator tires.